Are we witnessing the birth of Johnsonism?

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Boris JohnsonImage source, UKParliament

"Getting Brexit done" turned out to be a useful slogan, and no doubt it helped Boris Johnson win the election.

But almost nothing in politics is truly simple - least of all Brexit.

Today he passed an historic milestone - but the destination is still some way off.

Ruling out any extension to the Brexit transition period might mean Britain leaves with no deal - equally some in government believe it's possible we could see a kind of phased trade deal with the EU, thrashed out over the months and maybe years ahead.

At home, no-one's ever really spoken about Johnsonism.

He's maybe been too busy facing challenges and dangers day-to-day, hour-to-hour, for a guiding philosophy to take shape, let alone find a name.

But the PM's goal of ending austerity and reuniting the country, north and south, richer and poorer, behind the Tory flag could fairly be described as a new. highly ambitious, political idea.

Even so, giving a political mission a name - calling it Johnsonism - is a lot easier than pulling it off.