Treasury report on EU 'to be published in April' - Osborne

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UK and EU flags flying

The Treasury is to publish its analysis of the costs and benefits of the UK's EU membership before 19 April, Chancellor George Osborne has said.

He told the Treasury Select Committee it was still being written and a firm publication date had not yet been set.

But he said it would be made available before the pre-election "purdah" period and his next appearance before the committee, which is on 19 April.

The UK vote on whether to remain in or leave the EU takes place on 23 June.

The chancellor was pressed on when the Treasury analysis would be published during questioning by the committee chairman, Conservative Andrew Tyrie.

"We don't have a firm date but it's likely to be published before I next come before this committee to discuss all things European Union," Mr Osborne told him.

Mr Tyrie said the committee would want at least four days to digest the report's finding before the hearing, which is part of its ongoing inquiry into the EU.

Mr Osborne suggested the alternative would be to change the date of his appearance, but added: "What I will undertake to you is that there will be at least four working days before I come before this committee and you will have had a chance to examine the document."

Mr Tyrie said any date change would be done with "great reluctance".