Corbyn's 'loud and clear' EU message

Jeremy Corbyn gives his speech Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Corbyn wants you to vote to stay in the EU - but does not approve of everything it does

Here's the strange thing. Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning to stay in the European Union. In fact nearly all of the Labour Party is.

But if you didn't know that, and you listened to his speech this morning, you would not have left the room with that overwhelming sense.

Mr Corbyn said the Labour message was "loud and clear", that the Conservative Party was a bigger threat to the country than the European Union was, and that whether on workers' rights, the environment, or renewable energy, Britain can achieve more progressive policies working with other countries in the EU than alone.

But as part of his "Remain and Reform" agenda, the Labour leader listed almost as many downsides with the EU as positives.

And, he criticised the "prophecies of doom" being put forward by other parts of the Remain camp.

With an enthusiastic membership behind him, and his position as the party's leader, he is obviously in a powerful position to try to get the Labour vote to turn out, three weeks today.

But the hard thing for Mr Corbyn, and frankly, lots of politicians in this whole debate, is that while he wants you to vote to stay in the EU, he does not approve of everything it does, and wants reform.

And many Labour MPs and campaigners are worried, really worried, that the party's message about the EU just isn't getting through. If they are right, the party has got three weeks to turn it round.

As I've written before, senior Labour figures like Gordon Brown believe the party has to make a stronger, more positive case for staying in the union.

In the coming days, it is likely, following Mr Corbyn's speech today, that we'll see plenty more of that.

Remainers aren't panicking about the referendum result, at least not yet.

But the nerves about losing are real, very real, on all sides of their camp.

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