Reality Check: How would Brexit affect jobs funded by EU money?

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Steven saying: "How would a Brexit affect the jobs currently part-financed by EU funds?

The question: Steven asks BBC Radio 4's PM programme: "In the event of a Brexit, how will this affect the various programmes and therefore the jobs which are currently part-financed by money which the UK receives from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund?"

Reality Check verdict: Leaving the EU could leave certain sectors vulnerable but Leave campaigners say an exit from the EU would allow funds to be redirected into local projects. A post-Brexit government would need to decide which projects to continue funding.

According to government figures, the UK received £1.3bn from the European Regional Development Fund and £368m from the European Social Fund in 2014/15.

The European Commission states that overall, the UK will receive £1.34bn a year in investments from both funds for the 2014-2020 funding period. It is unclear how current programmes would be affected should the UK leave the EU. A House of Commons library brief on the impact of an EU exit suggests that "withdrawal would leave a policy vacuum which the Government would have to fill to avoid certain regions and sectors losing out".

Leave campaigners argue that the UK contributes more to the EU budget than it receives and that an exit from the EU would free up funds that could be reinvested into local projects. Whoever was in government when the UK actually left the EU would need to decide which projects to continue supporting.

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