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EU referendum: Nottinghamshire votes in favour of leaving

Nottingham count
Image caption Nottingham city voted very narrowly for Leave

All but one council area of Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham city, has voted to leave the EU.

Labour MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann, a Leave campaigner, said people voted to leave because of immigration, zero-hour contracts and job prospects and said a "divide in Britain" had been exposed.

Mansfield voted most strongly to leave, with 70.9% backing Brexit.

Rushcliffe, which includes the towns of West Bridgford and Bingham, was the only area to vote for Remain.

It saw the East Midland's highest turnout.

Meanwhile, the turnout in Nottingham was the fifth lowest in the UK at 61.8%.

Leave won by a tiny margin of just over 2,000 votes in the city.

Image caption People in John Mann's constituency of Bassetlaw voted 67.8 % in favour of leave

Mr Mann said his party was "somewhat out of touch".

"With the middle classes largely voting remain because they see it as benefiting them and the working classes largely voting to leave because it dis-benefits them - that's the divide in Britain," he said.

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Analysis: Pete Saull, BBC Radio Nottingham political reporter

Like large parts of England, Nottinghamshire overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union.

The margin of victory in Bassetlaw, Ashfield and Mansfield was huge, with less than a third of people voting remain.

Arguably the biggest surprise came in Nottingham, which narrowly backed Brexit.

Affluent Rushcliffe was the only area to vote Remain.

Overall Nottinghamshire voted 57.9% for Leave and 42.1% for Remain.

Conservative Anna Soubry, the MP for Broxtowe and a Remain campaigner, tweeted it was "a dreadful decision".

"People like me were told you're scaremongering, we don't want to listen to the experts," she said.

"All that has been unfortunately proved to be accurate. We have made a very, very, very bad mistake."

Labour MP for Nottingham North, Graham Allen, said David Cameron had "gambled with Britain's future" by calling for a referendum, saying people voted to leave "in protest" at the current government.

Turnout was 81.5% in Rushcliffe - the highest in the East Midlands and the only council area to vote Remain.

The vote was close elsewhere, including in Nottingham, where the split was 50.8% Leave, 49.2% Remain.

Alice, a caller to BBC Radio Nottingham from the Carrington area of the city, said she felt "frightened of the future".

"It potentially gives a mandate for a lot of prejudice against people who have immigrated here, whether from the EU or elsewhere," she said.

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