Overwhelming vote for European exit in Humberside

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Leave campaigners in East Yorkshire
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Leave campaigners celebrated the result at the East Yorkshire count

All parts of East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire recorded a substantial majority in favour of leaving the European Union.

More than 60% of voters across the region voted for Brexit.

The highest leave vote was in North East Lincolnshire with 70% of people voting in favour.

Turnout was above 60%, with the highest in the East Riding of Yorkshire with almost 75% of voters visiting the polls.

UKIP campaigner Sergi Singh, speaking at the count in Hull's Guildhall, said he was delighted at the result.

"You've taken the fish away from us, but you can't take our freedom," he said.

Mr Singh said the result expressed the real feelings of the electorate.

"The three Labour MPs and the 59 councillors of this city are totally on the wrong page," he said. "They don't listen to the electorate on the doorstep and the issues of day to day life in the city of Hull."

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UKIP campaigner Sergi Singh claimed politicians did not "listen to the electorate"

Also watching the Guildhall count was Hull City Council deputy Labour leader Darren Hale, who said he was "disappointed" at the result.

He warned of the possible "economic consequences" of the leave vote.

"My biggest fear is that we may have unwittingly given the Chancellor of the Exchequer the green light for austerity and further cuts," said Mr Hale.

"The people that led the Brexit campaign, the Eton elite, are not friends of the working class in the north, or the working class of anywhere in the country."

Conservative Brigg and Goole MP - and leave campaigner - Andrew Percy appealed for calm following the result and said that "people shouldn't lose their heads".

"Lets come together, accept the result," he said.

"The last thing we need is people running around making reckless statements 'it's going to have this impact, it's going to have that impact', when they really don't have a clue."

East Riding of Yorkshire

Leave 60.4% - 120,136 votes

Remain 39.6% - 78,779 votes

Turnout: 74.8%


Leave 67.6% - 76,646 votes

Remain 32.4% - 36,709 votes

Turnout: 62.9%

North East Lincolnshire

Leave 69.9% - 55,185 votes

Remain 30.1% - 23,797 votes

Turnout: 67.9%

North Lincolnshire

Leave 66.3% - 58,915 votes

Remain 33.7% - 29,947 votes

Turnout: 71.9%