Mrs Moneypenny bonds with Edinburgh Fringe

By Lisa Summers
BBC Scotland reporter

Image caption, The real Mrs Moneypenny will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe

Every Saturday, Mrs Moneypenny's column in the Financial Times is said to be read by more than 700,000 people across the world.

She has been writing for the paper since 1999 and her witty and personal insights into the world of business are coveted by many a CEO.

But in her 10 years at the FT, she has never revealed her true identity.

All we know is she is a former investment banker, university professor and she runs a business in London while holding the fort as a mother of three boys aged 11, 15 and 20.

Now with the help of her eldest son, the 48-year-old has written a one woman show for the Edinburgh Fringe.

"At Home with Mrs Moneypenny' is part of the Assembly Rooms programme but it is a site-specific performance and will be held in the Scottish capital's AGA showroom.

Mrs Moneypenny told the BBC Scotland news website: "It will be quite exciting and it'll be the first time I've ever met my public on a face-to-face basis in this very intimate surroundings of my kitchen.

"The most number of people we can fit in here is 45 people so I'm actually limited to a whole run of about 1,300 people.

"As my column has about 720,000 readers worldwide I thought 1,300 was a nice micro-climate."

Among those expected to attend the performances are Sarah Brown, the wife of the former prime minister, and senior members of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Mrs Moneypenny will share her thoughts on the current financial crisis combined with family life, while cooking for the audience.

The show runs from Thursday 5 August until Monday 30 August at 1230 BST at The AGA Shop, 51 Frederick Street.

The only way to really find out the identity of Mrs Moneypenny, is to go to see the show.