Most-read stories in Scotland 2010: 30 to 21

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The BBC Scotland news website looks back at the most-read stories of 2010.

The rankings are based on the number of page views. Here are the stories from number 30 to 21:


Residents of a town have collected the Carbuncle award for the most dismal place in Scotland - after asking organisers for the trophy.

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman has apologised for branding Chief Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander a "ginger rodent".

Scottish airline Highland Airways has been placed into administration, it has been announced.

Tommy Sheridan had three-in-a-bed sex with a married member of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and his brother-in-law, a court has heard.

The Scottish government has announced that it wants alcohol to be sold at a minimum of 45p per unit.

Two workmen have died after falling from two of Scotland's main railway bridges within hours of each other.

Singer Susan Boyle said she was "fine" after disturbing an intruder inside her West Lothian house.

Scottish singer Susan Boyle has been given three different entries in the new Guinness World Records book.

The University of Dundee's satellite receiving station captured this image of how the heavy snow of the past week has affected the UK.

Two men and a woman have died after plunging to the ground from a high-rise block of flats in Glasgow.