Sex assault at St Andrews University

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was sexually assaulted near St Andrews University.

The woman was walking through the grounds of University Hall in St Andrews when the incident took place at about 0230 GMT on Sunday.

Fife Constabulary said they were looking for a man who may have been seen in the area around Kennedy Gardens before the attack happened.

Police said the woman was not injured in the assault.

Det Sgt Alan Stewart said: "Although the incident happened about 2.30am in the morning there were a large number of people attending an event nearby and other students would have been making their way back to their residences.

"After the incident the male responsible would appear to have ran out of the driveway leading to the Wardlaw Hall and on to Kennedy Gardens.

"Fortunately the victim wasn't injured but was shaken and visibly upset as a result.

"This type of incident is very unusual for St Andrews and I would urge anyone who has any information whatsoever regarding this incident to contact us."