In quotes: Defence shake-up in Scotland

Image caption The future of Scotland's bases has been subject to months of speculation

RAF Lossiemouth has been saved as Scotland's only air base, as part of the government's defence review.

The RAF will leave Leuchars and Kinloss, which will become army bases. Here are quotes and reaction from key figures:

Liam Fox, Defence Secretary

Taken together, this represents a significant increase in the defence footprint in Scotland of well over 2,000 posts.

This is in line with the Scottish tradition of supporting our armed forces and a recognition that these are United Kingdom forces under the Crown, protecting the citizens and interests of this United Kingdom.

Alex Salmond, First Minister

It is bitterly disappointing that the RAF is to be withdrawn from Leuchars. We campaigned vigorously alongside the people of Moray and Fife to keep the RAF in both Lossiemouth and Leuchars.

There is an overwhelming case to keep both, but the decision was ultimately one for the UK government and I am sad to see the RAF go and leave Scotland with one RAF base.

Jim Murphy, Labour Shadow Defence Secretary

There will be fury in Fife. The RAF has been based in Leuchars for over 70 years and it is a matter of deep regret that the government has chosen to break this historic link that has served our nation in peace and conflict.

It is clear that the Government hasn't done its homework. They are closing this RAF base to make savings they haven't identified and redeploying the army at costs they haven't quantified.

George McIntyre, Convener of Moray Council

Moray Task Force is delighted that the case put forward from within our community has convinced the decision makers of the importance of RAF Lossiemouth's strategic future in Moray.

Its closure would have been an unthinkable double blow and we are glad that this has now been averted.

Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland

The result of the basing review is good for Scotland and underlines the important part we play in keeping the UK safe and secure.

There have been many changes but Scotland will remain at the heart of the UK's defence policy.

Sir Menzies Campbell, North East Fife MP

I cannot support the decision not to retain Leuchars in my constituency as an RAF base because I believe it to be fundamentally wrong, strategically inept, and likely to increase the risk to our citizens.

Bob Garmory, Leuchars Campaign Group

Our school, community facilities and businesses depended on the air base for their existence. It has always been known that the strategic case for RAF Leuchars cannot be questioned as it is best placed to serve the defence of the northern part of the UK.

However, we are relieved that there will be no mothballing of the site and that we will be able to welcome the army to Leuchars, thereby retaining the long-standing military connection.

Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative leader

Today's announcement is good news for RAF Lossiemouth, offers a continuing defence presence at RAF Kinloss and also confirms a continuing presence at RAF Leuchars.

That clarity will be very welcome, both to service personnel and local communities. Clearly, for those currently based at RAF Leuchars there is a challenging period of adjustment ahead.

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