Good day, bad day

So, where are we with a raft of Scottish results in? Good day for the SNP, good day for Labour, poor day for the Tories, simply miserable for the Liberal Democrats.

The final political verdict on the day may rest with two key facts. Who has the most councillors (it's currently the SNP)? Who has the biggest share of the vote in local government? (It's currently Labour.)

  • A good day for the SNP? Absolutely. They have taken overall control in Dundee and Angus. They are the largest party in Stirling, East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire.
  • A good day for Labour? Absolutely. They have overtaken the SNP in Aberdeen and East Lothian, they have overall control in Renfrewshire.
  • A poor day for the Tories? Yes, losses fairly widespread although not universal.
  • A poor day for the LibDems? They were outpolled in one Edinburgh ward by a guy dressed as a penguin.

Other council results tend to reinforce that picture - with the full verdict in Glasgow and Edinburgh still to emerge.