Duff & Phelps tickets deal emails

BBC Scotland has been given access to emails concerning the takeover by Craig Whyte of Rangers FC.

The emails formed part of the BBC Scotland investigation into the club's current administrators Duff & Phelps, Craig Whyte and Ticketus.

Email number one is from Mr Whyte's lawyer, Gary Withey, to Mr Whyte's colleague and fellow-Rangers director Phil Betts, and David Grier a senior partner of Duff & Phelps.

Entitled "Ticketus draft", the message is dated 19 April 2011 and mentions the Ticketus deal becoming unconditional when Mr Whyte's company, Wavetower, gained control of Rangers.

Mr Whyte completed the takeover of Rangers on 6 May 2011, 27 days later.

Image copyright BBC Sport

Email number two is from Ross Bryan of Octopus Investments - Ticketus' parent company - to Mr Betts, and Mr Grier.

The message is dated 24 May 2011 and refers to the assignation of the club's season tickets to the finance firm Ticketus.

Email number three is from Mr Betts and Mr Grier of Duff & Phelps with the subject "Ticketus".

The message is dated 24 June and discusses the raising of an invoice to be backdated to 9 May, which would have been three days after Mr Whyte's takeover of Rangers.

Mr Grier initially told the BBC he did not find out about the Ticketus deal until August 2011.