Shelter Scotland mobile app tackles letting rows

A mobile phone app which aims to reduce disputes between landlords and tenants has been launched.

Developed by Shelter Scotland, the "Housemate" app generates a full digital inventory of a property's contents and condition.

Its backers have said the app should provide proof at the end of a tenancy of how a property was when it started.

Orchard and Shipman's Edinburgh letting agent Letfirst has been testing the technology prior to its launch.

Shelter Scotland Director Graeme Brown said: "Too many tenants have all or part of their deposit withheld unfairly and their chances of arguing successfully for its return are often compromised by a lack of evidence.

"With Housemate, both tenant and landlord will have the proof they need.

"Not only does it create a full record of what a property contains and the condition it's in, it also includes photographic evidence."

The information can be shared by landlord and tenant through email.

Mr Brown added: "It's simple but highly effective."

A trial of the app by property group Orchard and Shipman was described as a success.

Director Angela McLachlan said: "Tenants and landlords are often unsure what to expect from or how to create an inventory.

"This app demystifies the entire inventory process."

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