Games volunteer: 'I will never forget the experience'

Image caption The Olympic Games Makers staffed venues, directed the lost, mended grazes and helped make the sport happen on the field of play

As the search begins for volunteers for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games, the BBC news website hears from two Games Makers who worked at the London Olympics.

The volunteers, some 70,000 of them, were one of the factors that made the London 2012 such a success.

Hilary MacGuire and Fiona Campbell said the experience was unforgettable and urged people to sign up for Glasgow 2014.

Fiona Campbell, 31, sports development officer from Perth

"I worked at the canoe slalom field of play at the Olympics. The experience was absolutely incredible, how close we were to the athletes exceeded all expectations.

In training they said don't expect close contact, but I was at the Lee Valley White Water Centre and I was very fortunate, we could see all the athletes.

I am in a front runner position for the Commonwealth Games which means I select the volunteers. I am excited to be part of the process - I do still have to apply myself, though. And I would do anything at Glasgow 2014 to be involved.

The team that I was working in had a real mix of people. It was a steep learning curve, we were putting up the course for the slalom and officiating the paper work. It was an incredible experience to go for the training and see the whole place transformed for the event, to see the process behind it. The whole thing was special, it looked amazing.

It was a once in a lifetime, unique experience and it far exceeded my expectations.

I didn't know what to expect and it is something that we will all remember and speak about for a long time. The atmosphere, the whole thing was great - I would recommend it."

Hilary MacGuire, 52, PE teacher from Glasgow

"I worked with athletes during the London Games.

There was a lot of anticipation because I'm not London-based, I didn't know what to expect. But my opinion was overturned, the people and the whole environment was the most welcoming to everyone.

It was an amazing experience. On a personal note I learnt a lot of skills that will be beneficial to me in my work as a volunteer with Scottish Athletics and UK Athletics. Working on the track at the Olympics I can bring back a lot of new knowledge that I can use in the field back here in Glasgow.

I would never have had the chance to learn the professional skills I did down there, to be involved, it changed my career to a certain extent.

We saw an awful lot of the action, as well as doing our jobs, we used to get the equipment ready for the track events and escort the athletes to he field.

It was amazing to see them prepare, mentally and physically before an event. We saw the more serious side of Usain Bolt - not just the fun side the public saw. Al the girls on my team got a baton from the Jamaican relay team as a souvenir. I made friends for life with people from all different walks of life I would never usually have met.

It was a one-off opportunity, it is never going to happen in your lifetime again. People should get involved in the Commonwealth Games, many people have skills that they can use. We need to push Glasgow and its people to the fore."

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