File on ex-Rangers chief Charles Green sent to fraud office

Charles Green
Image caption Charles Green led the consortium that bought Rangers' assets last year

The Serious Fraud Office is being sent a file of "information" by allies of former Rangers chairman Craig Whyte.

It is being submitted with claims about the conduct of Charles Green, who took control of the football club last year.

Worthington, the firm buying into Whyte's companies, said information was found when looking into Whyte's case for winning back control of Rangers.

It is the latest clash between Whyte and the club, which Green stood down from at the end of last week.

Earlier on Wednesday, a statement from Ibrox said media speculation about legal action from Whyte's camp was "highly spurious".

The statement to the Stock Exchange said Rangers confirmed that no legal claim had been received by Green or commercial director Imran Ahmad.

It added that Sevco 5088, the subsidiary of Law Financial which Whyte says still has a claim on Rangers' assets, is not an active subsidiary of the Rangers International Football Club plc.

Rangers said Sevco 5088 was "a defunct non-trading company".

However, Worthington hit back with a statement to the Stock Exchange which said: "During the course of the company's due diligence process, relating to its purchase of a stake in Law Financial, information has been discovered relating to the conduct of Mr Charles Green and Mr Imran Ahmad, this has today been reported to the Serious Fraud Office."

The Serious Fraud Office could not confirm if it had received the complaint from Worthington.

Green took up his position at Rangers last summer after leading a consortium that purchased the assets of the liquidated Rangers Football Club plc.

He stood down last week after becoming the subject of an independent investigation, commissioned by the club's board, following allegations of covert dealings with Mr Whyte, who took the club into administration in February 2012.

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