People's Panel: Alex Arthur

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Image caption Alex Arthur used to be a lecturer in business studies

Occupation: Retired academic

Age: 60

Lives: Aberdeen

Voting Intentions: Undecided

Alex Arthur lives in Aberdeen and before retiring, worked as a senior lecturer in the University of Aberdeen's Business School.

Previous to that he spent nine years working in the oil exploration industry - first with Shell, and then with various sub-sea service companies.

He now fills his days sailing, reading and spending time with his five children and six grandchildren.

He describes himself as undecided but says he is tending towards voting "Yes".

"I'm drifting towards 'Yes' for reasons which have more to do with political deterioration in the rest of the UK than because I have any nationalist feeling about Scotland.

"I don't see a long term future for the UK. It is increasingly dominated by a coalition of bankers, bigots and career politicians. There is some hope that Scotland might be different."

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