People's Panel: Ron Greer

Image copyright Ron Greer
Image caption Ron Greer used to work as a biologist

Occupation: Retired biologist

Age: 63

Lives: Blair Atholl

Voting Intention: Yes to independence

Ron Greer lives in Blair Atholl in Perthshire, and is a retired freshwater biologist and ecologist who has discovered new populations of fish.

A keen angler he says he would like to see Scotland have its own wildlife and fisheries service but says this is something that could only happen if there was extensive land reform.

Ron described himself as an unreserved "Yes" voter, and although he used to campaign for the SNP he now says he will be voting "Yes" despite the SNP rather than because of them.

"The 'Yes' campaign is not just about Alex's about shared, but varying aspirations on a vision for a Scotland looking forward to the future.

"Iceland can do it [why can't we?] I disagree with the SNP in some areas but I want independence."

In favour of Scotland having its own currency, Ron believes that one of the key incentives of independence it that the Scottish government will have full fiscal control and the ability to vary income tax.

"I believe [independence] will be the only way to secure the economic and social wellbeing vital for Scotland's future."

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