People's Panel: Catt Weir

Image copyright Catt Weir
Image caption Catt Weir is a final year student from Glasgow hoping for a career in the media

Occupation: Student

Age: 21

Lives: Paisley

Voting Intentions: Undecided

Catt Weir, 21, lives in Paisley and is a fourth-year broadcast production student at the University of the West of Scotland.

Although her mum and step dad are both firmly decided "Yes" voters, Catt says she still has no idea about how she is going to vote in the referendum.

"Sometimes I am 'Yes', sometimes I am 'No'. It changes daily.

"My family are all 'Yes' voters, but they've have accepted that I am on the fence."

As she is looking for a job in the media, Catt is very interested in how the creative arts might be affected by independence, as well as what the job market would look like whichever way Scotland votes.

"What is going to happen to radio stations, broadcasting and the BBC?

"It sounds selfish but I am coming out of uni so I want to know about jobs and if independence will change how you sign on or what is available to [jobseekers]."

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