Referendum round-up: Five weeks to go

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Media captionJames Cook reviews the week's campaigning ahead of the Scottish referendum

It's five weeks to go until the referendum and, with the debate ramping up, it can be be easy to lose track - but we're here to help.

Each Friday, we'll give you a round-up of the big referendum stories, the small referendum stories, and the weird ones from the far-flung corners of the internet.

We'll also take a look at what you've been saying on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media sites.

So, here's what's been going on this week.

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The Aye of Sauron

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Fans of The Hobbit were excited to see Balin the dwarf, otherwise known as actor Ken Stott, on Tuesday night's Referendum Debate supporting the "Yes" side.

Clearly jaded of questions on currency and oil, Rob Girvin tweeted: "Can someone ask Ken why they have stretched out The Hobbit to three movies?"

Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall joined in the fun by calling The Hobbit "about as believable" as the White Paper.

If you missed the debate, you can catch up on iPlayer.

Silent night, poll-y night

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The referendum started to feel a bit more real this week as voter cards started arriving at households around Scotland.

There was excitement ranging from those who can't wait for the referendum, and those who can't wait for the referendum to be over.

But, after waiting for the referendum for so long, seeing the cards drop though the door felt like the first card of Christmas.

Making his Mark

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The biggest intervention of the week probably belonged to Bank of England governor Mark Carney, who said contingency plans have been made for either outcome in the referendum.

Mr Carney described his speech as a "technocratic assessment of what makes an effective currency union between independent nations", and if that's whetted your appetite you can read more here.

Alistair Darling said the comments showed a currency union wouldn't work, but Alex Salmond said economic uncertainty is being created pro-Union parties ruling out a currency union.

Brian Taylor summed it up: "Each quoted Mark Carney, drawing contrary conclusions. As ever, the people will choose."

The referendum is looming

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Media captionDeputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wears her "saltire" loom band

Nicola Sturgeon has a new lucky charm which she'll be hoping will bring a "Yes" vote in September.

The deputy first minister was spotted wearing a bracelet in the colours of the saltire, woven from the tiny elastic bands.

Ms Sturgeon told the BBC she had been given it as a present to wear in the days leading up to the referendum.

She said: "A little boy gave it to me on Monday and made me promise to wear it from now until the referendum - so I'll have to do it."

And for the re-match...

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This week, the BBC announced round two of Salmond v Darling, which will be broadcast UK-wide on 25 August.

It will be hosted by Glenn Campbell and held at Glasgow's Kelvingrove art gallery and museum.

Will it finally be the debate to settle everything once and for all?

Well, probably not - let's be honest. But, just weeks before the referendum, it will surely be a must-watch.

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