Referendum round-up: Three weeks to go

It's three weeks to go until the referendum and, with the debate ramping up, it can be be easy to lose track - but we're here to help.

Each Friday, we'll give you a round-up of the big referendum stories, the small referendum stories, and the weird ones from the far-flung corners of the internet.

We'll also take a look at what you've been saying on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media sites.

So, here's what's been going on this week.

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Best of three?

A heated argument at Kelvingrove museum would usually result in a strong word from a security guard - but not on Monday night.

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling's second referendum debate was a rowdy one, which covered topics like oil, the NHS, and currency.

It was a bout Brian Taylor chalked up as "not a knock-out, but a clear points victory" for Mr Salmond.

You had your say on Twitter too - a quarter of a million tweets were sent during the debate; the most retweeted was from Sky News which asked you to "Retweet this if you think Alex Salmond won".

The Barn-egg Formula

Image copyright Fife Free Press

It wasn't the best of weeks for politicians out and about on the referendum campaign trail.

Former PM Gordon Brown was confronted by a protestor while giving a speech in Dundee, and Labour MP Jim Murphy was hit by an egg in Kirkcaldy.

After the incident, Mr Murphy suspended his campaign tour of Scotland.

It was the first egging incident of the referendum, but adds to Nigel Farage, George Galloway and Ed Milband eggings in recent political history.

David and devolution

David Cameron was back in Scotland this week ahead of the big vote to make the case for the Union.

More than 100 "Yes" supporters gathered to protest the annual CBI dinner where the prime minister delivered a speech.

During his time in Scotland, Mr Cameron told BBC political editor Nick Robinson Scotland would get further powers "soon" if there was a "No" vote to independence.

But Alex Salmond challenged Mr Cameron to name a single job-creating power certain to come after a "No" vote.


Image copyright Better Together

Social media plays a big part in modern political campaigning, so a campaign group would usually be thrilled to have one of their videos go viral.

However, the buzz around this video, which accidentally inspired the #patronisingBTlady meme, was probably not entirely welcome for Better Together.

The meme, which trended for two days, mocked the broadcast for a "patronising" attitude towards female voters.

It was also picked up on by Buzzfeed, Al Jazeera, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Independent.

Political paintings

Artist ID Campbell has painted portraits of Scotland's leading female politicians ahead of the referendum.

He said: "We are living in an exciting period in Scottish politics and, unusually, at the heart of the debate are three powerful women."

You can see the portraits at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, in Edinburgh, between 5 September and 4 October.

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