Referendum round-up: Five days to go

It's five days to go until the referendum and, as the debate is ramping up, it can be be easy to lose track - but we're here to help.

Every day, we'll have a round-up of the big referendum stories, the small referendum stories, and the weird ones from the far-flung corners of the internet.

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So, here's what's been going on today.

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People power

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Thousands of Yes and No supporters have hit the streets across Scotland on the last weekend of campaigning ahead of Scotland's historic vote.

Buchanan Street in Glasgow was a focus for one of the biggest Yes events, while Better Together had stalls out in towns and villages across the country.

The No side said they has supporters at 1,000 street stalls, while Yes Scotland hailed the breadth of its grass-roots support.

Smile please

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Across the final weekend of campaigning, Alex Salmond is continuing his helicopter tour of the country, including stops in Oban, Dumfries, Ayr and Glasgow.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is campaigning for Better Together, as was Labour MP Jim Murphy, who completed his 100-town tour of Scotland.

Mr Salmond took time to pose for a selfie with a supporter during his stop in Glasgow, as he pledged "a day of celebration" not "reckoning" for big companies if the country votes for independence.

Business case

The potential cost and impact of the independence debate continued to provoke strong words from both sides.

Deutsche Bank said voters and politicians had failed to grasp the negative consequences of independence, while Mr Salmond said Scots would not be "bullied" by big business.

Meanwhile, the bosses of three retail groups put their names to a letter in the Daily Record, in which they claimed their costs would rise in an independent Scotland and they would have to take "the difficult decision" whether or not to pass those on to consumers.

Passion plea

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In Edinburgh, thousands of Orange Order supporters marched for a rally on behalf of the United Kingdom.

Henry Dunbar, grand master of the Orange Order in Scotland, said: "The 'No campaign has been criticised for not showing enough passion for the Union - well look out, here comes some passion.

"We are the Orangemen and women of Scotland and we are passionate about our Queen and country."

Yes, No, maybe

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Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons became the latest celebrity backer in the indyref campaign, declaring it was Aye or Die for him.

But former prime minister Tony Blair urged voters to opt for staying in the UK, while on a trip to Kiev.

And also taking the temperature of the debate was News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch, who was spotted in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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