Referendum round-up: Three days to go

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It's three days to go until the referendum and, as the debate is ramping up, it can be be easy to lose track - but we're here to help.

Every day, we'll have a round-up of the big referendum stories, the small referendum stories, and the weird ones from the far-flung corners of the internet.

We'll also take a look at what you've been saying on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media sites.

So, here's what's been going on today.

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Glamour queen

Image source, Reuters

After the Queen said she hoped people would "think very carefully" about the future, it was a queen of fashion's turn to enter the indyref debate.

English designer Vivienne Westwood declared her support for Scottish independence during her show at London Fashion Week.

Westwood revealed she felt ''unpatriotic" about England because it was "being completely ruined''.

Pitch for votes

Image source, AP

Meanwhile, ex-England football star David Beckham backed the No campaign, urging a vote to renew the UK's "historic bond".

He called on voters in Scotland not to ditch a union that was the "envy of the entire world".

"What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let's stay together," he said in an open letter released by the Better Together campaign.

On the campaign trail

Image source, Reuters

After a weekend of supporters taking their messages to the streets of Scotland, Alex Salmond and David Cameron were both out and about on Monday.

The first minister was pressing home the business case for independence, while the prime minister stressed that a Yes vote would mean "no way back" for Scotland.

Mr Salmond described the referendum as a "once in a lifetime opportunity for Scotland" but Mr Cameron appealed to voters : "If you don't know the answers, please vote no."

Cash flow

Image source, PA

There have been prominent donors to both Better Together and Yes Scotland, as well as campaign group backing and smaller donations.

Electoral Commission figures out on Monday showed the No campaign raised a total of £2.7m from 18 December 2013 to 5 September 2014, while Yes Scotland raised £1.8m.

The single largest donors to Yes Scotland were Lottery winners Chris and Colin Weir, who have spent some £2.5m of their £161m winnings supporting the independence campaign.

For Better Together, the largest personal donation was made by Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who gave the pro-Union group £1m.

Stat attack

Image source, Other

Voters have been bombarded by claim and counter-claim, stat and counter-stat.

These have covered everything from oil and taxes to the cost of Trident and the cost of getting your messages - groceries and electronic ones.

But to lighten, or darken, the mood The Mirror's ampp3d calculated that an independent Scotland would see the rest of the UK getting a boost in hours of sunshine and see a drop in the amount of rainfall.

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