Your most-read Scottish stories of 2014

The BBC Scotland news website has looked back at our most-read stories of 2014.

Here is the top 10, with the ranking based on the number of page views:

1. The Scottish independence referendum vote

The referendum on Scottish independence was the biggest story of the year and that was reflected in the page views.

The referendum accounted for six of the 10 most-read stories of the year. The biggest hits came for the stories on the day of the 18 September vote, during the count on the night and the next day when the result was declared.

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The single most-read story on the referendum was Scotland votes 'No' to independence.

The live updates pages throughout the night and the day after the vote also attracted huge hits, as did the results page.

The resignation of Alex Salmond as the Scottish government's first minister and SNP leader came soon after the referendum result was declared.

2. The death of Mikaeel Kular

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The disappearance of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular from his Edinburgh home was a major story that resulted in a number of most-read website pages of the year.

It began with concern for the young child after his mother had reported him missing on a Thursday morning in January.

Police said a criminal act was a possibility in the case and thousands of people searched the area for him.

Late on the Friday night came the news that Mikaeel's body had been found 20 miles away in Fife and his mother Rosdeep had been arrested.

On the Monday, Rosdeep Kular appeared in court, under her married name of Adekoya, charged with her son's murder.

Adekoya later admitted killing her son by beating him and was found guilty of culpable homicide.

She put his body in a suitcase before dumping it behind her sister's house in Kirkcaldy.

She was sentenced to 11 years in jail. Judge Lord Glennie told Adekoya what she did was "cruel and inexcusable".

3. Glasgow bin lorry crash deaths

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Six people died and 10 others were injured when an out-of-control bin lorry careered through the streets of the centre of Glasgow just days before Christmas. The tragedy was another of those stories that was most-read for a number of days.

The initial story - Six people killed in bin lorry crash - was the most-read.

The victims were named the next day and included three members of the same family.

4. Pupil, 12, dies after wall collapses at Liberton High School

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In April, 12-year-old Keane Wallis-Bennett died after a wall in the gym area of Liberton High School in Edinburgh collapsed and landed on top of her.

She received medical treatment but was pronounced dead at the scene.

A statement released by City of Edinburgh Council said the incident involved a "free standing modesty wall in a changing room".

5. Salmond to stand for UK parliament

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Former SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond announces he is to stand for a seat at Westminster at next May's General Election.

He unveiled his candidacy for his party's nomination in the Gordon constituency at a meeting in Ellon.

The seat is currently held by retiring Lib Dem MP Sir Malcolm Bruce.

Mr Salmond said the north east of Scotland had been his "political home" since he entered representative politics.

6. Richard Durkin wins 16-year laptop credit wrangle with HFC bank

A man has won a 16-year dispute over a laptop which he bought from the Aberdeen branch of PC World.

Richard Durkin claimed the HFC bank ruined his credit rating after he tried to pull out of a credit agreement when he returned the £1,499 computer.

Mr Durkin, 44, took his case to court and initially won damages of £116,000 but that ruling was overturned.

7. Three dead after Scottish car rally collisions

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Three people have been killed and several others are seriously injured after cars collided with spectators in two incidents at the Jim Clark Rally in the Scottish Borders.

The most serious incident took place when a car taking part in the motor racing event came off the road near Coldstream.

Two men and a woman died. Another man is in hospital in a critical condition.

8. DJ Calvin Harris pulls out of MTV awards

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Dumfries-born DJ Calvin Harris has withdrawn from the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow because of illness.

Award organisers posted on Facebook: "We have some really sad news. Calvin Harris has taken ill and will not be able to perform at tomorrow's show.

"He sends his sincere apologies. Get well soon, Calvin!"

9. Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont stands down

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At the end of October, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont resigned with immediate effect after accusing the UK party of treating Scotland like a "branch office".

The 56-year-old MSP indicated that she had "had enough".

Ms Lamont was also angry that key decisions, including the removal of Scottish Labour general secretary Ian Price, were made without her input.

10. Glasgow School of Art: Fire crew battle to save building

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In May, firefighters tackled a major blaze at the A-listed Glasgow School of Art - one of Scotland's most iconic buildings.

Eyewitnesses said the fire appeared to have started when a projector exploded in the basement of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh building just before 12:30.

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