An alternative top 10 stories of the year

The BBC Scotland news website has been dominated by hard news stories such as the independence referendum. But some days it is the more quirky stories that take the eye of the readers.

Here is a top 10 of the most-read Also in the news stories of 2014, with the ranking based on the number of page views:

1. Sewer was blocked by large Pooh

Image copyright Scottish Water

A large Winnie the Pooh teddy, a bike, a fax machine, jeans and a snake were among a host of bizarre items found in Scotland's sewers last year.

Scottish Water said it dealt with more than 40,000 blockages in the drains and sewer network.

Most were caused by people putting things such as cooking oil, nappies and baby wipes down sinks and toilets.

2. Mystery Scot who cheered Uruguay goal against England named

Image copyright ITV

A mystery Scot who caused a social media storm after celebrating Uruguay's winning goal against England was named as Mark McConville from Glasgow.

The 41-year-old, who was dressed in the Scotland away top and a tartan hat and ginger wig, was seen on TV waving a Saltire and cheering with Uruguay fans.

Mr McConville had been doing charity work in Brazil, donating football strips to children.

He was criticised by some England fans after their team lost 2-1.

3. Tim Vine wins funniest Edinburgh Fringe joke award

Image copyright Lesley Martin

A joke by comedian Tim Vine about a vacuum cleaner has been voted the funniest at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He won with the one-liner: "I decided to sell my Hoover... well it was just collecting dust."

Vine, 47, saw his joke scoop almost a fifth of the votes in the competition run by comedy television channel Dave.

It was the first time the award has been presented to a previous winner.

4. Garage owner fakes Google murder in Edinburgh street

Image copyright Google

A garage owner has apologised for staging a scene that looked like a murder in an Edinburgh street, which was caught on Google Street View.

Dan Thompson, 56, who owns Tomson Motor in Giles Street, had to say sorry after receiving a visit from the police.

The mechanic had lain on the road while his colleague stood over him with a pick axe handle after spotting the Google camera car from a distance.

However, a web user saw the image and made a complaint.

5. Swearing causes TV football delay

Image copyright SNS

A television channel delayed transmission of a Scottish Premiership football match until after the watershed because of the amount of swearing that could be heard from fans.

Ross County's match with St Mirren was supposed to have been broadcast "as live" by BBC Alba at 17:30 on Saturday 22 February.

But the transmission was delayed until 22:55.

The channel had been concerned the amount of bad language would have breached Ofcom guidelines.

6. Usain Bolt says Games slur claims are nonsense

Image copyright Mark Kolbe

Usain Bolt described claims he made disparaging comments about the Commonwealth Games as "nonsense".

The Times newspaper quoted the Olympic 100m champion as saying he was "not really" having fun in Glasgow.

It quoted the world 100m record holder as saying the Glasgow Games were "a bit shit" and that he thought "the Olympics were better".

Bolt said on Twitter: "I'm waking up to this nonsense.. journalist please don't create lies to make headlines".

He later told reporters he thought the Games were "awesome", but the Times said it was standing by its story.

7. Woman finds three-inch leech in nose after South East Asia trip

Image copyright Caters

A backpacker found a 3in (7.5cm) leech that had been living up her nose for a month after a trip to South East Asia.

Daniela Liverani, 24, from Edinburgh, had been having nosebleeds for weeks but put them down to a burst blood vessel from a motorbike crash.

Ms Liverani was having a shower last Thursday when she was realised the dark shape wriggling in her nose was actually an animal.

Hospital staff used forceps and tweezers to remove the parasite.

Ms Liverani believes she picked up the leech in Vietnam or Cambodia, but even when she felt it moving up and down her nostril, she thought it was a blood clot.

8. Andy Murray gets engaged to Kim Sears

Image copyright PA

Tennis star Andy Murray has got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears.

Murray, 27, and Ms Sears, 26, have been a couple since 2005 and she regularly watches his matches.

Earlier this year Murray, from Dunblane in Perthshire, joked during a question and answer session with fans that he was getting married after Wimbledon.

9. Man in boxer shorts causes long delay on M8

Image copyright David MacKay

A man who was seen wandering on the M8 motorway in North Lanarkshire dressed only in tartan boxer shorts was detained by police.

Emergency services were called to the the scene, on the eastbound carriageway at Jct 5, near Shotts, at about 06:55.

The man was detained by officers and later taken to hospital. It is believed he needed treatment for a head injury.

There were long delays to drivers as traffic slowed in both directions while the incident was resolved.

10. Giant spider photobombs BBC Scotland news to eat insect

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Media captionA spider has photobombed BBC Scotland's news to capture a fly

A spider photobombed BBC Scotland's news to capture an insect trapped on a camera showing live shots of the River Clyde in Glasgow.

The "webcast" came as Graham Stewart was presenting one of Reporting Scotland's early morning bulletins. The spider then retreated with its prey.

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