Protests against Roosh V - who is he?

Who is Roosh V?

Daryush Valizadeh is a self-styled "neo-masculinist" and pick-up artist who comes from the US and sometimes goes by the nickname Roosh V.

Mr Valizadeh wrote a widely criticised article last year calling for the legalisation of rape on private property as a way to "defeat rape culture". He has since said the post was satirical.

He has also created the Return of Kings group, supporting an agenda that men are superior to women and oppressed by feminism.

What is he doing?

Image copyright Return of Kings

The Return of Kings group is planning to hold worldwide "tribal meetings" on Saturday.

The meet-ups are aimed at being the start of regular events that "serve men in a way that internet sites do not". Roosh V has dismissed criticism they are designed to "strategise" how to target women.

Nine events are scheduled for the UK, including in Edinburgh and Glasgow - with men asked to identify each other by asking for directions to a pet shop.

How have people reacted?

A Facebook page and petition have been set up in protest at the planned events.

The Glaswegians Against RooshV page states that "pro-rape women-haters are not welcome in Glasgow" and will face public ridicule when they gather in the city's George Square on Saturday.

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A petition urging the Scottish government to Stop RooshV being allowed to "promote his hateful violent views" in Scottish cities has gained more than 40,000 signatures.

SNP MP Owen Thompson has also written to the Home Secretary calling Roosh V to be prevented from entering the UK, although there is no suggestion he is planning to come to Scotland.

Image copyright Tommy Sheppard

And SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has tabled an Early Day Motion at Westminster condemning the nature of the meetings.

In response to the reaction in Scotland and in other parts of the world, Roosh V has appealed for help in privately changing the location of the meetings to alternative public locations.