Billboards and van adverts accuse BBC Scotland of bias

Mis-reporting Scotland van ad
Image caption The group behind the billboards say its campaign will run for a fortnight

Billboards and van adverts accusing the BBC of bias have been unveiled at locations across Scotland.

Pro-independence group Inform Scotland set up a crowd-funding initiative last year in order to pay for the campaign.

A van with a mobile advert which read: "BBC is mis-reporting Scotland" parked outside BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow on Monday morning.

A spokesman for the corporation said: "We reject the suggestion that our coverage is partial."

Inform Scotland said the billboard adverts would run for two weeks. They are on display at locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kilmarnock and Wishaw.

The van ads will tour the country over the next seven days.

'Most watched'

Inform Scotland has accused the BBC of having an "anti-independence agenda".

In a statement, the group said: "We are ordinary people, tired of the distortions of 'news' reporting on BBC Scotland where 'spin' and opinion have long replaced accurate, impartial reporting.

"Unlike all other broadcasters, which are regulated by Ofcom, the BBC regulates itself for impartiality and accuracy. BBC Scotland's news output bears testimony to this.

"Our campaign at Inform Scotland is about shedding light on the importance of journalistic integrity and impartiality from one of the world's biggest broadcasters who claims to operate by these standards but whose actions show otherwise."

A spokesman for BBC Scotland added: "Reassuringly, audiences continue to tell us that the BBC is still the news provider they trust most, while we take heart from the fact that Reporting Scotland is by far the most watched news programme in Scotland with around half a million viewers tuning in every night."

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