Yoga in kilts is a cheeky success for Scottish pair

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Finlay Wilson, left, and Tristan Cameron-Harper at The Hermitage near Dunkeld

Yoga and kilts in a Perthshire forest has proved to be just what the world was waiting for.

A short video on Facebook has been viewed 43 million times in the five days since it was posted by BBC Scotland's The Social.

The video features Finlay Wilson, a Dundee-based forest yoga instructor, and friend Tristan Cameron-Harper, a former professional ice hockey player.

The video was shot at The Hermitage near Dunkeld two weeks ago and features Wilson and Cameron-Harper wearing only kilts.

The video ends with a cheeky shot of the pair doing a headstand.

Thirty-year-old Wilson said: "Apparently there is something about the recipe of beards, kilts, butts and the Scottish highlands that just works."

Cameron-Harper, who was born on Jersey and grew up in Dundee before playing ice hockey professionally in Canada, the US, Holland and then Glasgow's Braehead Clan, said it took him 40 takes to pull off the final shot in which the kilts slip down to reveal their bottoms.

He said: "Finlay managed to do the final shot with the kilt dropping away perfectly first time, every time. He was freezing by the time I managed to do it.

"It was good fun to do and we've had such incredible feedback since. We are now just riding its wave and seeing where it takes us next."

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The video has a cheeky ending

Until the next phase of kilted yoga comes along, the 28-year-old is working towards becoming a professional climber and has been honing those skills on trips into Scotland's hills, including the Cairngorms.

Wilson, meanwhile, has an idea where to take the kilted yoga next - combining it with his dog Amaloh.

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Finlay and Tristan explain why they love yoga

A video of him and Amaloh doing yoga has also been popular on social media.

Mr Wilson said: "He's a rescue dog from Sri Lanka.

"When I was out there on my honeymoon he would be there all the time. He would be at my yoga mat. He would be outside my room in the morning, he would stay with us all day long and it just got to the point when I was leaving, I thought: 'I can't leave this dog here'.

"He was skin and bones, mangy, bits missing, but his character was so winning I could not have left him. He's a sweetheart."

Mr Wilson added: "He's getting pretty good at yoga. He can do down dog pretty easy. He can get his foot behind his head easier than I can, that's for sure.

"Kilted yoga for dogs could be the next big thing."