Turkish man who killed toddler shot dead

Alastair Grimason
Image caption Alistair Grimason died after being hit by a stray bullet while he was sleeping in his pram

A man who killed a Scottish toddler in a shootout at a Turkish cafe in 2003 has been shot dead at his own wedding.

Two-year-old Alistair Grimason was hit by a bullet as he slept in his pram in the Aegean seaside town of Foca.

Daimi Akyuz, 46, was jailed for life for killing the child and another man during the shootout.

Akyuz was released last week but, according to reports in the Turkish media, was gunned down at his own wedding in Izmir on Saturday.

Image caption David Grimason said he had expected Akyuz to spend a long time in prison

The toddler's father, David Grimason, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, said: "He was sentenced to 58 years with a maximum of 36, so I really expected he was going to spend a long time in jail.

"I don't take any joy in what has happened. I would rather that he was in prison and being punished for what he did.

"I was told that he was at his wedding and stepped outside for a cigarette and someone came along and shot him.

"It's a big story over in Turkey because the man that killed Alistair has been killed in the same manner I suppose."

Image caption Daimi Akyuz was arrested and sentenced for killing the toddler

Mr Grimason has since split up from Alistair's Turkish-born mother Ozlem, who has moved back to Izmir.

He added: "Ozlem has moved back to Turkey recently, so there was an opportunity they could have bumped in to each other. It is a horrible thought.

"No-one informed us that he was being let out.

"We were told at the time he would serve his full sentence. They were making an example of him. But here we are 13 and half years later and they let him out.

"We went through months of court cases. It was a tough time for us. But it's worse for his family at the moment, I remember he had two kids.

"They've let him out to be killed."

Image caption David Grimason and his wife Ozlem at the funeral in 2003

Alistair had been sleeping peacefully in his pram when he was caught in the crossfire of the gunfight. A stray bullet pierced his lung, killing him instantly.

Akyuz, who was a car salesman, was found guilty in July 2004.

According to Turkish media, police are interviewing five suspects in relation to his shooting.

After the death of Alistair, his parents began campaigning for tighter gun controls.

Image caption The Grimason family were at a cafe in the Turkish resort of Foca

The campaign secured more than 300,000 signatures which were presented to the Turkish parliament in December 2003.

Mr Grimason now lives in East Kilbride with his partner and three-year-old son.

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