Freerunner chooses Trainspotting remake

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Media captionRobbie Griffith wants to present a positive image of Parkour

A video in which a young Scottish freerunner recreates the opening scene of the first Trainspotting film has become a social media hit.

The video, called Choose Parkour, also updates the famous monologue narrated by Ewan McGregor's character Renton.

It stars 16-year-old Parkour prodigy Robbie Griffith, who runs, jumps and somersaults around Edinburgh's city centre landmarks.

It was watched half a million times on Facebook in just over a day.

Image caption Robbie Griffith said he wanted to change the image of Parkour
Image copyright Robbie Griffith

The short film was directed by Johnstone Macpherson-Stewart, who studies film at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

He knows Robbie from practising Parkour at a purpose-built facility in Coatbridge, where the teenager lives.

Johnstone, 20, told BBC Scotland: "Robbie is making quite a name for himself. He's world class."

He says the jumps and flips Robbie performs in the video were "not particularly hard" for the talented teenager.

"He can do a lot more than that but the idea was to feature Edinburgh and recreate the classic Trainspotting scene using Parkour.

"There are better places to do Parkour but this spotlighted the city and that has added to people's interest."

Robbie told BBC Scotland: "All these twists and turns I have practised hundreds of times on to crash mats in a safe environment, so I know what I'm capable of."

Johnstone says the filming was done "guerrilla-style", meaning they would just turn up and quickly shoot the scene before they attracted attention.

That meant they would only get a couple of attempts at each trick.

Image copyright Robbie Griffith

Johnstone, who is originally from Nairn, said he began doing Parkour without knowing that was what it was.

"As a kid, I was doing it naturally by climbing on walls and vaulting gates. Parkour was just building on that," he says.

"It is more about what the mind thinks is possible than the body."

Robbie said he wanted to send a more positive message about Parkour.

He said: "I hope it helps Parkour grow to a bigger audience and it helps people recognise it so they don't think its just hoodlums hanging about on street corners.

"A lot of people think when we are out at Parkour parks that we are loitering when we are actually training and exercising."

The message in the video's voiceover proclaims: "Choose to defy Newton's laws of motion, choose to be breathless tackling the obstacles that lie before you.

"Choose a mind-stimulating, physically-strengthening pursuit that gets your heart pumping like never before.

"Choose Parkour."