Front pages: 'Yes' vote 'surge' and Tory tax 'u-turn'

Former Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael has hit out at his former cabinet colleague Theresa May as he questioned her ability to lead a future campaign against Scottish independence, says The Herald.

It comes as a new poll reported in The National says that independence is now backed by half of voters in Scotland, with support for the nation becoming autonomous five points higher than in the September 2014 referendum.

Likewise, The Times Scotland also carries the poll results and reports that half of Scots would now vote for independence, as Nicola Sturgeon revealed that she is edging towards the autumn of next year as the optimum time for a second referendum.

However, The SNP's economic case for independence is in "turmoil", with senior party figures split over whether Scotland's depleted oil revenue is vital income or merely a "bonus", claims the Scottish Daily Express.

In other news, The Scotsman writes that errors made in the handling of calls relating to missing persons, the reported sexual assault of a child and a firearms incident were among those recorded by police control rooms during a three-month period.

The other story dominating Scotland's front pages is the prime minister's decision to delay changes to National Insurance contributions for the self-employed. The i newspaper claims that Theresa May and Philip Hammond were battling a "rapidly escalating" Tory revolt over their controversial decision to "tear up" the party's election manifesto and raise the tax.

Theresa May hit the pause button on Philip Hammond's controversial "raid" on the self-employed, in a bid to head off a humiliating Commons defeat by furious Tory MPs, is how the Scottish Daily Mail describes the move.

Under the headline "Smack hawk down", The Scottish Sun devotes its front page to the story of a drug dealer's "crafty jail smuggling plot", which the paper says backfired when his drone landed in an Edinburgh gran's garden.

A flower shop owner who was shot in the leg during a murder bid in Glasgow had previously served time for knife assaults, claims the Daily Record.

Eastenders stars are planning a surprise welcome back party for Danny Dyer, according to the Daily Star.

The Courier writes that a Dundee supermarket has slapped security tags on £2.89 bottles of shower gel after "desperate Dundonians" resorted to stealing everyday essentials.

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