Scotland's papers: Minority report and Sturgeon's US trip

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Scotland's Sunday papers feature a mixed bag of headlines.

Scotland on Sunday leads with a social study which suggests that Catholics in Scotland suffer from a higher risk of death and are at a greater economic disadvantage relative to Protestants than their counterparts in Northern Ireland.

The Sunday Herald says Nicola Sturgeon is to take the campaign for Scottish independence to America. It also reports that she will sign a climate deal with California as Trump "trashes" environment laws.

A trainee GP has been cleared of causing a teenager's death by prescribing her anti-anxiety pills, according to the Sunday Post.

The Sunday Times Scotland reports that a Scottish military school has been hit by fresh sex abuse claims.

"Unmasked" is the headline in the Sunday Mail. It features a man it says has admitted allegiance to a gang who praised the murder of MP Jo Cox.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday says Google has "cashed in" on a video showing how to pierce a stab vest like the one worn by the police officer murdered in the recent attack in Westminster.

The Scottish Sun on Sunday writes that the fiancee of the pilot who died in the Clutha bar tragedy in 2013 is suing the helicopter makers over the incident.

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