Scotland's papers: Paris attack and 'Italian Job' gang jailed

The group calling itself Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a central Paris shooting that left a police officer dead and two others seriously wounded. The officers were gunned down in the central boulevard of the Champs-Élysée at about 21:00 local time on Thursday.

Most of Scotland's papers carry the story on their front pages, including the Scottish Daily Mail which claims the killer had previously been jailed for opening fire on law enforcers, and talked of his desire to kill police on social media.

In other news, Scotland's "crumbling" school estate risks infecting pupils with illnesses linked to asbestos exposure amid fears that swathes of public buildings could be riddled with the deadly material, reports The Herald.

The prospect of a second independence referendum has been branded "reckless" after new figures revealed that more than half a million Scottish jobs rely on the country's economic links with the UK, says The Scotsman.

Ruth Davidson was accused of disrespecting women's rights after she was the only Holyrood leader not to turn up at a protest against the Westminster government's "vile" rape clause, writes The National.

A record low mortgage rate of 0.89% is being launched today after a price war between lenders sent the cost of borrowing tumbling, according to The Times, which claims that the variable rate is being offered to attract prospective homebuyers deterred by growing political and economic uncertainty.

The Scottish Daily Express also leads with the story but says prospective homebuyers will have to have a deposit of at least 35% before they can benefit from the record low rate.

The other story dominating Scotland's front pages is the sentencing of a gang who blew up cash machines and stole £500,000. The Daily Record prints images of the seven men jailed for a total of 92 years and says the gang took part in a year-long criminal spree that played out like a "Hollywood thriller".

The Courier calls the gang "Italian Job cash machine raiders" who blew up ATMs and used 4×4 vehicles to rip them from shops across the country, including in Perth and Carnoustie.

Likewise, The Press and Journal also leads with the story and says that the £500,000 that was taken in the raids has never been recovered by police.

Footballer Adam Johnson has been filmed talking about the 15-year-old girl he was jailed for engaging in sexual activity with. The Scottish Sun says the ex-England star was "bragging" and insisted to his fellow inmates that he would not have been jailed for the offence had he not be famous.

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