Scotland's papers: Speedboat victim faced trial

Many of Scotland's front pages lead with a claim by Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson that her party can "redraw the political map of Scotland". The Scotsman says a poll suggests that the Tories could take up to 15 Westminster seats in next month's general election.

Among those said to be at risk of losing their seat is Angus Robertson, whom The National reports will not face a pro-independence rival in his fight to regain his Moray seat on 8 June, after talk of a "progressive alliance" between the Scottish Greens and the SNP.

However, The Times Scotland also reports that Tory strategists believe that their party could win 15 seats in Scotland in a Conservative surge that would unseat prominent SNP figures.

The i newspaper carries the same story and says that the projections have been calculated using first preference votes cast at last week's local elections, which the Conservatives believe is likely to reflect voting patterns at the election.

In other news, "gruelling workloads", high levels of stress and low pay are among the factors threatening to impede trainee teachers from embarking on a career in the classroom, official research has revealed in The Herald.

Sandy Hamilton, one of two Larkhall men killed in a speedboat tragedy, had been due to face trial accused of killing two pensioners in a car crash, writes the Daily Record. The paper says that Giovanni Coppolaro, 85, and his wife Maria, 83, died on the A73 in Newhouse in July 2015. Mr Hamilton was due to stand trial in July.

A British man who was jailed for trying to assassinate Donald Trump has spoken of the moment he "lunged" for a police officer's gun after voices in his head screamed "kill him", says The Scottish Sun.

The Scottish Daily Mail leads with Theresa May's pledge to cap "rip-off energy prices" in a move expected to cut £100 from a typical bill, says the paper.

The Scottish Daily Express also chooses to lead with one of the prime minister's election pledges; that leaving the EU would see Britain "slash" net migration to under 100,000 a year.

Drones are being used to attempt to smuggle drugs and jail breaking equipment into Perth prison, says The Courier.

The Daily Star claims to have pictures of celebrity Katie Price "cosying up" to a mystery "hunk" in a Miami nightclub.

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