Scotland's papers: Brady dead and Corbyn's 'pitch for power'

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The death of Ian Brady, who killed five children with Myra Hindley, features on the front pages of many of today's newspapers.

The Scottish Daily Mail describes the Glasgow-born killer as the "monster of the moors". It reports that he died at 18:00 on Monday at the secure psychiatric hospital where he had been receiving end-of-life care.

The Scottish Sun says Brady took to his grave the secret of where he buried 12-year-old Keith Bennett - the only victim whose remains are undiscovered.

Brady lived for more than 50 years after being jailed for his catalogue of crimes but he never showed any remorse, says The Daily Record.

The Herald reports that Jeremy Corbyn will make his "pitch for power" later, and he will use his manifesto launch to promise to campaign against a second Scottish independence referendum.

The Labour leader will also announce a "tax grab on the rich", according to the i newspaper. It says he will outline multi-billion pound spending plans, funded by higher taxes on top earners.

The Scotsman also leads with a political story, reporting that Ruth Davidson launched an "unprecedented attack" on the SNP as it marks the 10th anniversary of seizing power in Scotland.

A disabled woman who lost her appeal for a Motability car features on the front page of The National. It reports that Anne Meikle, who suffers from a series of illnesses including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is now confined to her house.

The Times leads with claims that drugs company Aspen Pharmacare is facing a fine of up to £220m for increasing the cost of cancer medicines, after the EU launched an investigation into alleged price hiking.

The Scottish Daily Express says the SNP's currency plan for an independent Scotland has been branded a "shambles" by critics.

Calls for radical action to fight drug addiction problems in Dundee, and across Scotland, feature on the front page of The Courier.

A nursery assistant has admitted picking up a two-year-old girl by the ankles and dropping her, according to the north east edition of The Press and Journal.

And the front page of the Daily Star features BBC presenter Zoe Ball, photographed for the first time since the death of her partner.

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