Scotland's papers: Labour's town hall 'turmoil'

One political story dominates Scotland's papers, the news that Labour councillors in Aberdeen will form a coalition with their Conservative colleagues.

Labour is "engulfed" in fresh turmoil as a group of councillors prepare to quit the party just hours after the suspension of its entire team in Aberdeen, is how The Herald reports the story.

Scottish Labour was plunged into civil war after the party suspended its group of councillors in Aberdeen for agreeing to form a coalition with the Conservatives on the city council, writes The Scotsman.

Scottish Labour have suspended all nine of their councillors in Aberdeen after the group disobeyed an order to reject a coalition with the Tories, says The National.

The Times Scotland says the development means Kezia Dugdale's leadership of Scottish Labour is under "serious pressure" after the entire council group chose to defy her instructions and enter a coalition.

Likewise, the Scottish Daily Express claims that Kezia Dugdale has suffered a major blow to her authority after rebel councillors defied orders to quit a coalition with the Tories.

The Press and Journal writes that the deal, involving the nine Labour councillors, will allow the coalition of Labour, Conservative and Independent members, to take control of the local authority for the next five years.

The other political story dominating the headlines is the news that millions of pensioners will lose their entitlement to winter fuel payments of up to £300 a year under proposals due to be announced by the Conservatives, says the i newspaper.

In other news, a man who claimed to have turned his back on violence landed himself in court over an alleged shovel attack on his girlfriend, according to the Daily Record.

Property swindler Edwin McLaren was slashed in a suspected revenge attack, according to The Scottish Sun. The paper says the 52-year-old, who was convicted of 29 charges of fraud on Tuesday, suffered a facial scar after his car was "rammed" in the attack.

Profits have tripled at one of the UK's biggest energy companies a month after it raised prices for millions of households, says the Scottish Daily Mail. The paper says SSE had blamed the rising costs of supplying electricity for its "difficult" decision to increase average bills by 6.9% or £73 per year.

A 31-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of Dundee grandfather Gary McMillan, reports The Courier.

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