Scotland's papers: Corbyn indyref2 claims

Theresa May has denied being a "blow-hard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire" as a "number of U-turns" came under scrutiny in a live TV interview, writes The Herald.

However, it is the comments of her opponent, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, about a future referendum on Scottish independence that steals the headlines.

The Scotsman says Mr Corbyn came under fire from opponents after indicating he would "open discussions" with the SNP about the prospect of a second vote if he becomes prime minister.

The National says Labour were left in "chaos" after the UK Labour leader "undermined" Kezia Dugdale and his party's Scottish manifesto.

The Scottish Daily Mail claims that Mr Corbyn "waved the white flag on the Union" with his comments.

Mr Corbyn said he would "try to dissuade" Nicola Sturgeon from holding another poll on Scotland's future but also acknowledged he would "take heed" of the vote for a second referendum in the Scottish Parliament, reports The Times.

Theresa May has warned a post-election deal between Labour and the SNP would lead to a "government in chaos", is The Daily Telegraph's take on the story.

Billed as the "Battle for No 10", the i newspaper says both leaders were put "on the spot" by TV presenter Jeremy Paxman in the first election television debate of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has hinted she would "demand" Jeremy Corbyn backs a second independence vote in return for helping him into Downing Street, according to The Scottish Sun.

In other news, the Daily Record leads with the story of a devastated mother who has lost a second teenage daughter to the same heart condition that killed her 16-year-old sister three years ago.

Prince William has said it has taken him 20 years to come to the point where he can speak "frankly" about the death of his mother, says the Scottish Daily Express.

The Courier claims that "medical negligence" is costing NHS Tayside dearly as 136 claims are launched against the health board in just three years.

Golf legend Tiger Woods has been arrested in Florida on a charge of drink driving, according to the Daily Star.

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