Scotland's papers: 'Enough is enough'

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Theresa May's speech following the London Bridge terror attack dominates the front pages of Scotland's newspapers.

"Enough is enough", she said, warning that a blind eye was being turned to extremism in too much of the country, reports The Herald.

The papers says the prime minister demanded a global effort to regulate the internet and deny Islamist extremists a "safe space".

The speech signalled a "radical shake-up of the war on terror", according to the Scottish Daily Express.

It also claims to have an exclusive picture of the three men thought to be responsible for the attack - one of them wearing an Arsenal shirt.

"United and defiant" is the headline on front of The Scotsman, which reports that Ms May made a "robust attack" on the ideology of Islamist extremism in her speech outside 10 Downing Street.

The Courier reports that the so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A one word headline - "Defiant" - leads the front page of The i. It reports that the general election will go ahead, despite the fact that seven people died and 48 were wounded in the attack on Saturday night.

The Scottish edition of the Daily Telegraph reports that counter terrorism officers last month secretly recorded an alleged terror cell discussing how to use You Tube to plot a van and knife attack in London.

The Daily Star describes the revellers who tried to fend off the terrorists and the police who responded to the incident as "heroes" who saved dozens of lives.

The Scottish Sun says one of the men thought to be responsible for the attack was a "home-grown jihadi" who wore an Arsenal shirt. It reports that he was an ex-London Underground and KFC worker who had been radicalised over the last year.

In a special wraparound front page, The Daily Record features the Manchester One Love concert on its front, and the latest on the London terror attack on the back.

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