Scotland's papers: Pressure grows on May and 'World Cup sickener'

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Politics is again the focus of Scotland's front pages, as newspaper editors examine the fall-out from the general election result.

Time is "running out" for Theresa May, says the Scotland on Sunday. Inside, Euan McColm says she has "neither the competence nor the authority" needed to continue as prime minister. "Her days as the occupant of 10 Downing Street are numbered," he adds.

Mrs May is "in office but not in power", says The Sunday Telegraph's headline. It reports that the resignation of her two chiefs of staff failed to halt a backlash from her MPs and she has been left increasingly "isolated and undermined".

Boris Johnson is being urged by a number of fellow ministers to oust Mrs May, according to The Sunday Times Scotland. It reports that five members of the Cabinet contacted the foreign secretary on Friday and told him they would support him in any leadership bid.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday carries a similar story, adding that Mr Johnson's supporters say he will not take any action while Mrs May remains in Downing Street - but it could be considered "destabilising" that his supporters are actively briefing about his virtues.

Mr Johnson has denied the stories however. In a tweet, he described the story as "tripe" and insisted the prime minister had his backing.

The Sunday Herald looks at the plans of the minority Conservative government to work with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). It says Theresa May is being accused of tying the government to a party "tainted with terrorism, in a desperate attempt to cling on to power".

The Sunday Mail describes it as a "toxic pact" and a "coalition of chaos". After concerns were raised about the DUP's attitudes to LGBTI issues, David Mundell - the openly gay Scottish secretary - told the paper that "you have to do business with people even if you don't agree with them".

He added: "There is absolutely no way they can influence social policy in the rest of the UK. That will not happen and it is not acceptable for that to happen."

Tory plans to scrap the pension "triple lock" could be blocked by the DUP, report The Sunday Post. Its says a party source has told the paper they would not support such a move - and as all the opposition parties oppose the change, "the plan is finished".

Meanwhile the Scottish Sun on Sunday leads with Gordon Strachan's reaction to the result of Scotland's World Cup qualifier against England. After a last minute Harry Kane goal cost Scotland a win, the teetotal manager joked: "I think this might be a good night to start drinking to be honest."

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