Your pictures of Scotland

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 23 and 30 June. Send your photos to or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics

Double rainbow in Beauly Image copyright Allan Campbell
Image caption Allan Campbell spotted this double rainbow in a rain-soaked Beauly as he made his way home from a night shift. "It was the most vivid rainbow I have ever seen and it lasted only a few minutes," he said.
Elite rider Lewis Summers from Aberfeldy competing in the Scottish Downhill Association race at Aberfeldy. Image copyright Rae McKenzie
Image caption Rae McKenzie took this action shot of Lewis Summers competing on his home track in the Scottish Downhill Association race at Aberfeldy.
White horses at Luskentyre, Harris Image copyright LYNN CADGER
Image caption The white horses roam freely among the dunes at Luskentyre, Harris, says Lynn Cadger.
HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Firth of Forth. Image copyright Jimmy White
Image caption Jimmy White photographed the HMS Queen Elizabeth from South Queensferry as it anchored in the Firth of Forth on Monday evening.
Boats lined up at the Portsoy Boat Festival Image copyright Joyce McConnell
Image caption Joyce McConnell, of Stuartfield in Aberdeenshire, said she had a "super day out" at the Portsoy Boat Festival.
Callanish Stones Image copyright Berni Welsh
Image caption The Callanish Stones on Lewis look at their imposing best in the summer sunshine. Berni Welsh sent in this photograph.
Swan and her chicks Image copyright Denis Taylor
Image caption A mother keeps a watchful eye on her family at Linlithgow Loch. Denis Taylor was there with his own brood when he snapped this picture.
Fingal's Cave Image copyright Joy Dunsmore
Image caption Joy Dunsmore has ticked off something else from her bucket list - a trip to Fingal's Cave on the Isle of Staffa. It was "fabulous", she said.
Two adders in Glen Ey, near Braemar Image copyright Graeme Ruthven
Image caption Credit to Graeme Ruthven for not running for the hills when he spotted these adders in Glen Ey, near Braemar. Luckily for us, he stopped to take a photo of the remarkable creatures.
Craigellachie Image copyright David Oakley
Image caption It looks like there was a rain shower in store for Craigellachie when David Oakley, of Coatbridge, took this picture.
Bull at the Royal Highland Show Image copyright Caroline Kelloe
Image caption This "blonde bombshell" was photographed at the Royal Highland Show by Caroline Kelloe, of Dalkeith.
Evening race for the Loch Long yachts from Cove Sailing Club. Image copyright Fiona Holland
Image caption It was pretty dreich and windy weather for an evening yacht race on Loch Long. But Fiona Holland managed to capture this brief moment of sunshine on the Holy Loch as they approached Strone mark.
Coal Tit Image copyright David Spinks
Image caption David Spinks photographed this Great Tit near his home in Stockbriggs, South Lanarkshire.
Puffin flight on the Isle of May Image copyright Elaine Summers
Image caption This puffin was trying to find food for its puffling, says Elaine Summers who took this photograph during a trip to the Isle of May.
Bowden Loch near Melrose Image copyright Barbara Fuller
Image caption Barbara Fuller photographed the last of the evening sunlight at Bowden Loch, near Melrose, before the storm clouds rolled in.
Sheep at Carron Valley Image copyright David Wilkinson
Image caption These sheep at Carron Valley looked to be enjoying the "baaautiful" sunset on Wednesday evening. (Blame David Wilkinson, of Denny, for the bad joke).

All pictures are copyrighted.

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