Scotland's papers: Double death riddle

Jeremy Corbyn's resurgent Labour "could be and should be" the vehicle to stop Brexit, Scotland's longest serving parliamentarian has suggested as cross-party forces at Westminster begin to coalesce against a hard exit, writes The Herald.

The Telegraph also leads with Brexit and says that David Davis will be confronted by business leaders on Friday demanding an indefinite delay in Britain's departure from the single market and the Customs Union.

In other political news, The Scotsman reports that plans for a 48-hour cap on the working week in Scotland have been put forward by Labour to tackle a culture of "long hours and job monotony".

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has launched an attack on economists, politicians and the BBC - describing them as "merchants of doom" - after reporting on predictions that the Scottish economy was on the brink of recession.

Senior civil servants put pressure on independent auditors to "re-word" a critical report on the running of the Scottish NHS, saying it was "alarmist" and "unbalanced", documents revealed in the Scottish edition of The Times have suggested.

A pensioner who smothered her sick husband to death after he begged her to help him die has been spared jail, writes the Scottish Daily Mail, which reports the case of retired nurse Susanne Wilson from Ayr.

The Scottish Daily Express accuses Nicola Sturgeon of breaking a pledge to protect services at one of Scotland's busiest hospitals after figures showed the number of beds at St John's in Livingston fell from 528 in 2003 to 446 in 2016.

A man who was tortured in a derelict house escaped when the building exploded, claims the Daily Record, which says the victim was stabbed and set on fire, but saved his own life by driving six miles to hospital.

A taxi driver and his wife were found dead - sparking fears of a murder-suicide, says The Scottish Sun. The paper reports how the bodies of William and Karen Flett, both 56, were discovered in their home in Aberdeen on Wednesday night.

The Daily Star continues its preoccupation with the ITV2 dating show, Love Island, with claims about the brother of a contestant.

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