Scotland's papers: Health service computers under attack

The Herald leads with the attack on health service computers in Lanarkshire which has led to disruption for patients.

Police Scotland, described by the Scotsman as "cash-strapped", is reported to be facing the prospect of returning money to the government because it cannot spend it on time.

The National leads with ideas from SNP politician Tommy Sheppard on how an independence referendum could be won in Scotland.

A knife attack outside Buckingham Palace is the main story for the Sun.

The Daily Record features the criminal record of a Conservative MSP's member of staff.

Security precautions for the official opening of the Queensferry Crossing is the lead story for the Fife edition of The Courier.

It is back to the health service computer story for the Scottish Daily Mail, which says malicious software was found on NHS Lanarkshire systems.

The Scottish Daily Express says the qualifying age for a free bus in Scotland could be set to go up.

The Daily Telegraph says the violent incident outside the Palace left two police officers injured.

New measures by the EU to discourage the flow of migrants are reported in The Times.

The i newspaper leads on passport delays at airports.

The Daily Star front page features a form of sporting contest taking place in Las Vegas.

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