Scotland's papers: Police foil machine gun 'hit'

A high-powered Skorpion submachine gun has been seized in a secret operation in Glasgow to stop the assassination of a crime family member, according to the Sunday Mail.

The Sunday Herald reports that an "influential" left wing journal has said Scottish and UK Labour's most senior officials should be purged from the party to stop Blairites seeking to "undermine" Jeremy Corbyn.

Scottish scientists say expectant mothers who live in Britain's worst air pollution hotspots risk causing almost as much harm to their unborn child as those who smoke, reports the Scotland edition of the Sunday Times.

Writing in the Scottish Daily Mail on Sunday, Prime Minister Theresa May has launched an "outspoken" war on "fat cat" bosses, accusing them of undermining Britain's "social fabric".

Katie Price has revealed she is divorcing husband Kieran Hayler after he admitted a year-long affair with their children's nanny, according to the Scottish Sun on Sunday.

And the Sunday Post says a new railway station in Edinburgh that cost £41m to build has been branded a "huge waste of money".

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