Scotland's papers: Scottish Labour 'in turmoil'

Scotland's papers are dominated by the announcement from Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale that she is quitting. The Daily Record says the 36-year-old "stunned" party activists with the decision, which follows the death of her close friend Gordon Aikman from MND earlier this year. The paper reports how the next leader will be the party's fifth in six years.

With four years to go until the next Holyrood elections, The Scotsman quotes Ms Dugdale as saying she is convinced that the party needs a new leader with "fresh energy, drive and a new mandate" to take the party forward.

The Scottish Daily Mail quotes sources within Scottish Labour as saying that Kezia Dugdale was "hounded out" by supporters of UK party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Lothians MSP informed senior figures of her decision on Tuesday, writes The Herald, which says Labour now faces the prospect of a third leadership contest since the 2014 independence referendum.

Kezia Dugdale's decision manages to eclipse the other big news story featuring on many of Wednesday's papers - the opening of the new Forth bridge. Under the headline Open For Business, The Courier features an image of the £1.35bn Queensferry Crossing.

In other news, The Daily Express proclaims that the "world is on the brink" over the actions of North Korea in firing a missile over Japan and says that the United States has carried out a second test of a bomb, described as the "most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced".

Meanwhile, The Telegraph claims that Prime Minister Theresa May has been told to "duck and cover" if there is a 10-minute warning of a missile attack during her three-day visit to Japan, which begins on Wednesday.

The Times focuses on the case of a girl at the centre of a care dispute in England, who was removed from her Muslim foster parents and reunited with her family after a judge urged councils to seek "culturally-matched placements" for vulnerable children.

The UK government has been criticised for refusing to support Britain's lowest- paid self-employed workers, who are about to see a fourfold increase in the cost of their pensions contributions, according to the i newspaper.

The Daily Star devotes its front page to the reported marital woes of model and TV presenter Katie Price.

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