Scottish Portrait Awards in fine art and photography

image captionArtists: Helen Wilson, Robin Gillanders, Donna McGlynn, Robert Andrew Mercer, Steve Higginson and Simon Larson

Glasgow artist Helen Wilson took the award in fine art while Robin Gillanders of Edinburgh received the Richard Coward award in photography.

The inaugural awards were open to fine artists and photographers born, living or studying in Scotland.

Fine Art entries

image source, Helen Wilson
image caption'Jonah Gaskell of Kittyfield Farm' by Helen Wilson, Glasgow. Winner of the Scottish Portrait Award in Fine Art.
image source, Ewan McClure
image caption'Counterpoints' by Ewan McClure, Aberdeen. Scottish Portrait Award Commendation.
image source, Virginia Colley
image caption'Chris in Hospital' by Virginia Colley, Coulter, South Lanarkshire. Scottish Portrait Award Commendation.
image source, Steve Higginson
image captionSelf-Portrait by Steve Higginson, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.
image source, Donna McGlynn
image captionArtemis by Donna McGlynn, Dunfermline.

Photography entries

image source, Robin Gillanders
image captionRobert Alan Jamieson by Robin Gillanders, Edinburgh. Winner of the Richard Coward Scottish Portrait Award in Photography.
image source, Robert Andrew Mercer
image captionMary from Glasgow Gorbals by Robert Andrew Mercer, Glasgow. Scottish Portrait Award Commendation.
image source, Oscar Pereira
image captionOlivia by Oscar Pereira Beiroa, Edinburgh. Scottish Portrait Award Commendation.
image source, Frank McElhinney
image captionThe Silver Swimmer by Frank McElhinney, Milngavie, taken at Ettrick Bay, Isle of Bute.
image source, Simon Larson
image captionDonnie by Simon Larson, Isle of Skye.

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