Scotland's papers: 'Very organised crime'

Several of Scotland's front pages feature details of the police investigations into a major drug and crime gang.

"Empire of evil" is the Daily Record's headline. The paper says the "terrifying extent" of the gang's dealings in drugs, weapons, dirty money and violence was revealed in court.

The Scottish Sun focuses on a victim's DNA which helped "snare" the gang after it was discovered on the butt of a pistol.

The Herald leads with a survey which suggests more than one third of nurses questioned across Scotland were looking for a new job. The papers says union leaders have warned nurses are at "breaking point".

The issues within the NHS also feature on the front page of the Scotsman. The paper says a report has found the pressure on health services is "not sustainable" over the festive period as nurses warn they are at "breaking point" over low pay.

The Scottish Daily Express also leads with the nurses survey highlighting pay and workload stress as the main issues.

Scotland's £65m "factory of the future" has been unveiled, reports the National. It quotes First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as saying "we'll be a global leader in advanced manufacturing".

The Courier's Angus and The Mearns edition leads with concerns about the cost of the provost's trip to a naval event in Plymouth.

A picture of the new Inverness bypass features on the front of the Press and Journal's Inverness and the Highlands and Islands edition.

The Scottish Daily Mail claims victory in its campaign against "rip-off" delivery charges for Scottish consumers. The paper says the UK government is to carry out a review and assess what type of action is required.

The Daily Telegraph leads with a story about rail passengers being denied the chance to buy cheap tickets for over the Christmas break.

British scientists have been able to correct defect that causes Huntington's disease, says the i newspaper.

Mothers should be given cash incentives to encourage them to breastfeed, experts have said, reports The Times.

The Daily Star of Scotland leads with tributes to television presenter Keith Chegwin who has died at the age of 60.

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