Scotland's papers: Justice system 'in jeopardy'

The Herald reports that Scottish prosecutors have warned justice is being eroded as courts buckle under the weight of soaring numbers of sexual abuse cases and budget cuts.

The Scotsman features health experts warning that middle-class Scottish parents who allow children under the age of 15 to have a glass of wine with their Christmas meal are fuelling longer-term alcohol problems.

According to The Daily Record, a mobster facing jail as part of a feared crime network was also a sadistic Army bully who terrorised recruits.

The Scottish Daily Mail says hundreds of thousands of married Scots face losing a £230 tax break in a hidden blow from the SNP budget.

The Scottish Daily Express writes that ambulance chiefs have issued an apology after a 71-year-old man was left lying on a pavement in the freezing rain for more than three hours with a shattered ankle.

The National has an expert saying that the EU's demands for a two-year transitional deal open up a smooth path for an independent Scotland to remain.

The Scottish edition of The Telegraph has the digital minister warning that the SNP must "get real" about the slow roll-out of superfast broadband in Scotland, as the industry regulator confirmed the country was lagging behind England and Wales.

The Scottish edition of The Times reports that Scotland's economy is being stifled by uncertainty over immigration and trade which is suppressing wages and denting business confidence, a leading forecaster has warned.

The Scottish Sun says Brits are gearing up for a huge party after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their wedding for Scottish and FA Cup Finals day - 19 May.

The i newspaper writes that the prime minister is facing a Eurosceptic Tory backlash after the EU set tough terms for trade negotiations.

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