MSPs parade for New York Tartan Day celebrations

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Pipe band marches in Tartan Day paradeImage source, Getty Images

A group of MSPs will take part in New York's famous Tartan Day parade this weekend.

Presiding officer Ken Macintosh, Labour's Johann Lamont and SNP's Clare Haughey will fly the flag for Scotland during the celebration on Saturday.

The annual parade will be led by singer KT Tunstall and is expected to draw a crowd of more than 30,000.

The visit is part of a wider trip around the US and Canada for the MSPs.

Mr Macintosh said: "Scotland Week and Tartan Day are a chance for millions of people to mark their connections with Scotland.

"Our delegation will join them in celebrating those links not only on the streets of New York, but also in the corridors of power around North America.

"In addition to sharing what we do well, and where we are innovating, we are also going to be listening and looking to learn lessons from our opposite numbers wherever we can."

The party - which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year - will see the Empire State Building illuminated in blue and white to represent the saltire.

After the Tartan Week celebrations, the MSPs will meet with representatives from the New York Stock Exchange and mayor's office.

They will spend time in Quebec discussing topics including how the Scottish parliament has responded to the sexual harassment scandal and parliamentary reform.

Their last stop is Washington DC, where they will meet officials from various think tanks and consider the Scottish parliament's Scotland Futures Forum.