Scotland's papers: Sturgeon to 'relaunch indyref2'

image captionThe Herald claims SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to reignite the independence debate this week with the publication of a new blueprint for Scotland. The paper says "ambition and hope" will be the focus after Brexit.
image captionThe National also leads on the possibility of indyref2, saying Nicola Sturgeon's plans, due to be revealed on Friday, will offer the opportunity for a debate on Scotland's future based on "ambition and hope".
image caption"Indyref2 is coming" is the front page claim of the Daily Record on Monday morning, saying the SNP's economic growth commission findings will "restart the debate" on independence.
image captionThe Scotsman claims the SNP leader will not restart the independence debate until she has a clear understanding of what the Brexit deal will be. But the paper does suggest the commission is expected to make the case for an independent Scotland to have its own currency in the event of a "Yes" vote.
image captionMeghan and Harry continue to feature on the front pages, with the Scottish Sun revealing details of the private night reception. The paper describes a "fun-filled early-hours wedding bash" including a dinner hosted by actor and TV personality James Corden and dance competitions among senior royals.
image captionThe Daily Express headline borrows from Prince Harry's own tribute to his "dazzling" bride: "Absolutely stunning". It says the wedding has left Britain with "a warm glow". The paper also reports praise for Prince Charles' speech at the reception in which he recalled feeding his son with a bottle of milk and changing his nappy.
image captionThe Daily Mail reports on Meghan's "manifesto", saying the new Duchess of Sussex has made it clear she intends to take the Royal Family in a new direction - quoting a source saying she is "keen to make an impact".
image captionThe Daily Telegraph also examines how the new Duchess of Sussex will use her role to champion women's rights. The paper reports Buckingham Palace has "given its blessing" to her plans to "fight for feminism".
image captionVisa problems encountered by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich make the front of The Times. After failing to get into the country to watch his team win the FA cup Final on Saturday, the paper says the issue is likely to raise tensions between Britain and Russia.
image captionMr Abramovich also makes the front of the Daily Star of Scotland as it explains why the Chelsea owner was missing on Saturday. The Russian billionaire's visa ran out last month and the Home Office has yet to rule on a new one, reports the paper.
image caption"Artificial intelligence could prevent 22,000 deaths by 2033". That is the claim of Theresa May in a speech she is expected to make, as reported by the i. It says more than 50,000 people with cancer could be diagnosed earlier and AI emerging technologies could give people five extra years of life.
image captionThe Dundee edition of the Courier reports on a decision by the city council to scrap swimming lessons for school pupils. The paper says sports body Scottish Swimming has described the decision as "disappointing".

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