The papers: Split views on SNP economics and car crash killer

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The Herald is one of several papers to lead with the SNP's economic vision. It says a newly-independent Scotland should "shoulder its share" of Britain's historic debt to the EU and pay £5bn a year.
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The Scotsman says the SNP's blueprint shows that an independent Scotland would take up to 25 years to match the economic performance of other small countries.
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The Times says the country would face a tough 10 years before its finances were under control.
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The Scottish Daily Express says Nicola Sturgeon's blueprint for independence has been branded a "recipe for recession". It reports on the SNP plan to keep the pound for 10 years after independence before moving to a new currency when it suits Scotland.
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The National carries an interview with the first minister who says her party is unapologetically ambitious in its hopes to put a newly-independent Scotland on a strong financial footing.
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The Telegraph leads with the revelation that Scotland would keep the pound after independence but warns that, without the backing of a Westminster government, the idea would be "disastrous".
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The Daily Record also features the SNP's Growth Commission report, but focuses on the police hunt for the driver of a stolen car who caused a crash in which a man died in Edinburgh.
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The Sun leads with a story about 16-year-old Coronation Street star Alex Bain whose teenage girlfriend is expecting their baby. The front page also says the SNP have admitted Scotland would face a 25-year wait after independence before becoming one of the world's richest small countries.
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The Scottish Daily Mail leads with its investigation into insurance companies who it says are "exploiting" sensitive data, such as customers' shopping habits, social media posts and even phone usage, before setting premiums.
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The Courier leads with a man appearing in court charged with murdering his sister. Jordan Johnstone, 24, is accused of repeatedly stabbing 22-year-old Annalise Johnstone in the neck at the Maggie Wall's Memorial in Dunning.

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