The papers: Row over deportation threats and a 'headache' for the NHS

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Image caption The Sunday Mail leads with student nurse Denzel Darku, who moved to Scotland from Ghana as a teenager and went on to carry the Queen's baton at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, being threatened with deportation.
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Image caption The Sunday Post also features a deportation row on its front page. The paper tells of orphaned schoolboy Giorgi Kakava who is fighting extradition from Scotland to Georgia just months after his mother's death.
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Image caption Scotland on Sunday describes the NHS being left with a financial "headache" over free prescription drugs. It says Scotland's 14 health boards have spent more than £57m on providing free paracetamol since charging for prescriptions was scrapped by the SNP government in 2011.
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Image caption The Sunday Times says former MSP Andrew Wilson, who headed the SNP's Growth Commission report, has said that up to 400,000 new migrants are needed to make the SNP's economic plans for an independent Scotland work.
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Image caption The Sunday Herald speaks to a group of leading economists and historians who say Scotland would have voted Yes in 2014 if the SNP had adopted the measures in its new independence blueprint.
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Image caption The Scottish Sun on Sunday says Meghan Markle had royal wedding reception guests in tears when she read a poem about her "intense love" for Prince Harry.
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Image caption Sticking with the royal wedding theme, The Sunday Express quotes the general who was in charge of the military ceremony at the event speaking of his "enormous pride" at the way the Armed Forces performed.
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Image caption The Sunday Telegraph features the Irish abortion referendum and says UK ministers are facing pressure to relax abortion laws in Northern Ireland following the landslide vote to overturn a ban on terminations in the Republic.

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